Post-Implant Placement Management

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Cautions after implants surgery:


For two days apply ice on the cheek where the surgery was performed.


After the surgery, refrain from excessive exercise, overwork, sauna; and bath for 3 days.


During brushing, avoid the surgery part for 2 - 3 days ( use gargle solution instead ).


Refrain from drinking alcohol and smoking for two weeks.


Chew foods on the opposite side of the surgery part. Avoid hot foods.


In case of a bone graft to the maxillary sinius, avoid blowing your nose strongly or spitting.


In case of severe bleeding, place gauze soaked in cold water in the mouth. If the bleeding persists, visit Goa Dental Solutions for the appropriate treatment.


If the surgery part may swell considerably for 2- 3 days after the surgery. In this case apply ice on the surgery part for two days. If the swelling persists, apply hot massage for relief. If the swollen part is very painful visit Goa Dental Solutions for the appropriate treatment.

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