FAQ Crown and Bridge

1.How long will a ceramic crown last ?

With Regular dental check ups , regular brushing twice a day and flossing ceramic crowns can last a life time .The adhesive holding the crowns can sometimes get weak and the crowns may need to be refitted.

2.Will people be able to tell if I have ceramic crowns or bridge?

Good Quality Ceramic crowns are very natural looking and almost impossible to distinguish from your natural teeth.

3.Why do some crowns get darker near the gums ?

These are the older and cheaper ceramic crowns with metal inside them for support . The full ceramic crowns are without the dark metal ,as a result they look natural for a longer time.

4.What is the procedure to get Full Ceramic Crowns?

We first make sure that you will not get any pain while doing this procedure ,the teeth and the surrounding areas are anaesthised ,impressions of your teeth are taken to make temporary teeth for you .The teeth which will recieve the ceramic crowns are then shaped up to make space for the new ceramic crowns . Impressions are taken again and we record how you close your teeth together . Temporary crowns are fabricated to be placed on the teeth ,We like to send our patients out smiling The temporary teeth are made up of a resin material and are fitted with a temporary adhesive ,eat soft food is recommended. Once the full ceramic crowns are ready they are tried in your mouth to make sure the fit and colour are perfect ,if any change is required then they are sent back to the lab for the adjustments. Once the changes are done and we and the patient are satisfied with the full ceramic crowns they are fixed on the teeth with a very strong adhesive . These crowns are Fabricated to last 15 years and longer.

5.How long will it take to fabricate Full Ceramic Crowns?

We can Fabricate most crowns in 5-7 days .If All the teeth in the mouth are to be crowned then we may need 10-20 days.

6.Will i have temporary teeth while the procedure is done ?

Yes We will be making you temporary teeth with a resin material we want our patients to smile while the treatment is goimg on .These teeth are fitted with temporary adhesive so patients are advised to eat soft food .Some temporary teeth can get stained with strongly coloured food ,this goes away on brushing.

7.How do i make the payment?

Please pay 50% advance on the first appointment and the remaining amount at the time of fitting the crowns .Incase of card payment the patients are requested to complete the transaction before the final appointment .Patients please note a Card transaction charges of 2-3 % will be applicable.

8.Will i be able to sing well after i have full mouth Ceramic or porcelain crowns ?

If you could sing well before getting the full mouth ceramic crowns in your mouth ,then you will be able to sing well.